8 Week Challenge 

Goal Oriented: Lose 20lbs and we will GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK! We GUARANTEE  results if you follow our blueprint! 

Variety Focused: Along with the 8 week challenge we have our COR Nation classes for people looking to get fit and become the best version of themselves! 

Convenience Considered: Now convenient for those of you consumed with a busy schedule We now offer COR Nation Live for those who are consumed with a busy schedule! Train alongside your fellow COR Nation members in the comfort of your own home!



Come work out with us at the studio. We are here to help you stay motivated, moving forward, and getting results. 

CORnation LIVE

Get access to our private Facebook group and workout anywhere, anytime and access meal plans to keep you on track. Exclusive videos and recipes available 24/7.


We are fully staffed with friendly, motivational, experienced personal trainers to guide you through every phase of your transformation. Let us create a regimen that is uniquely tailored to your needs and fitness level, including nutrition plans to maximize your results.



We believe in every single member of CORnation and their ability to achieve their goals! From sedentary to elite, we all train together in these ultra fast-paced, intense workouts. 30 minute workouts are over before you know it! When you join you will have access to any of our motivating, qualified trainers! Our methods are proven to work, it won’t be easy but it will be effective. Each CORnation member grows tougher mentally physically and emotionally every session. Our motto is “Building a better Nation”. If you are waiting on a sign to get up and get after your goals.


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